February 16, 2018

Vision And Mission

The company’s vision is to establish itself as a reputable and respected organization in Malaysia as well as countries in the Asean region in providing a pragmatic business vehicle where the preconceived norm of huge capital in undertaking or starting a business is a thing of the past.

Our mission is to eradicate all thoughts of doubts and uncertainties in helping ordinary people to own a business of their own which one can proudly proclaim “I have made it!” as a successful business owner or entrepreneur. We in Akiami advocates and strive to ensure your business is always patronized by constant flow of customers and consistently generates attractive profits upon a successful launch through a proven systematic business approach, ethics and partnership.

We strongly believe in bringing people together for a common cause of meeting solutions as an integral part of one’s skills.  Our tasks in providing professionally ingrained emotional intelligence is very high as we place great importance in the balance of your life so that you will constantly find new perspectives to solve any and all challenges.

“We understand you want CHANGE and WE MAKE CHANGES in you”

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