March 13, 2018

BUENO Deer Placenta

About Deer and Deer Placenta
Deer is a precious animal with a long life span and is a symbol of beauty, health, and energy in the animal world.

Without any significant sign of aging, the energetic life of a deer is because of its active vitality in the placenta- Diacylglycerol Pyrophosphate (DGPP).

Deer Placenta contains Protein, Amino Acids, Multivitamins, Minerals and other essential elements that could help in improving SOD activity in human body, speeds up the metabolism rate and removes the accumulated toxins in the body. These allow one to feel younger, more beautiful and most importantly, slow down the aging effect.


10 Advantages of Deer Placenta

  1. Improves skin texture, radiance and tenderness.
  2. Enhances skin rejuvenation, reduces scars.
  3. Promotes burning of body fats.
  4. Helps relieve body fatigue, improves body fitness and stamina.
  5. Moistens the skin and reduces wrinkles.
  6. Improves the blood circulation.
  7. Reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, spots and melanin sedimentation.
  8. Strengthens body immune system.
  9. Regulates and adjusts menstrual cycle, reduces the pain of menstrual colic and climacteric symptoms.
  10. Eliminates the unwanted substances in the body and improves digestive system.


BUENO Deer Placenta Product Features

  1. Advanced Production Technology – With Freeze-Drying Technology in preserving the bioactive of live cells, using high concentrated 20:1 production ratio, the essence of Deer Placenta can be absorbed perfectly.

  2. A New Zealand Product – BUENO Deer Placenta, a product from a country with the least pollution and its strict quality control is safe and quality guaranteed always.

  3. Soft Enteric-Coated Technology – Controlling the releasing time of Deer Placenta essence and prevent any damages from the gastric juices during digestion. It ensures the nutrients only dissolved when it has reached the intestines and the nutrients are fully absorbed.

  4. Non Hormone Drugs and Steroids – It does not contain any Hormone Drugs and Steroids that would increase the risk of Cancer and Osteoporosis.


Origin & Authenticity

Deer has been revered for centuries as the most majestic, regal and vital of all animals and its body parts have been used for more than 2000 years as health enhancing medicines. As far back as the Qing Dynasty in China it was said:

 “Emperor drinks deer blood; Empress eats deer placenta” and not discounting famous beauties Wu Ze Tian, Empress Xiao Zhuang and Dowager Ci Xi, all ate deer placenta for anti-ageing, preserving youth and overall beauty.

Now the most advanced technological medical research is uncovering that the reason for this magical medicinal power of deer placenta is due to the effects of its special nutrients on the body’s adult stem cell and immune systems. Our stem cells are our body’s repair and rejuvenation system. They are new, undifferentiated cells that travel to all tissues in the body repairing and replacing old cells, restoring youthful cells and regenerating old tissues.

Now, through BUENO technology we bring together the ancient majestic knowledge of deer medicine with the latest medical stem cell research to present to you BUENO Deer Placenta Soft Gel Capsules which is an exclusive technology from the New Zealand deer industry.

We, GMP Pharmaceuticals Ltd a manufacturer of nutritional & dairy supplements and a holder of an exclusive ownership of BUENO Deer Placenta, a unique product with research and formulation from New Zealand, hereby certify that Akiami Global Sdn Bhd of Malaysia is our distributor.

BUENO Deer Placenta soft gels are manufactured in a manufacturing plant that complied with all standard of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and to the exacting standards imposed by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA). In addition, the manufacturing facility operates under Risk Management Protocols (RMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality control programs. The Gelatin used in the production and manufacture of BUENO Deer Placenta Soft gels is certified Halal, and is also sourced from countries that are free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Strict traceability ensures that we have the best quality gelatin for the

Deer Placenta Soft gels and it is derived from 100% natural sources. It is safe, effective and free from any known side effects when used as directed.

BUENO Deer Placenta Soft gels are carefully prepared, analysed and released under the highly qualified and strict supervision of pharmaceutical professionals.

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